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What’s the difference between an accountant and a leader? It’s ‘when’ they focus their attention.

Rear view mirror management - Learning Leader

Glad I’m no longer in a role where I need to spend a bunch of time reporting what has already happened…

The issue I have with a lot of formal training is that I cannot help but view most of the established qualifications as just a knowledge test. This may have been acceptable 10 years ago but in the world we operate in today and with the pressures that we are all under, they just do not cut the mustard!

A path less travelled or a leap of faith | Association for Project Management

An interesting read given my plans to study MSP in the near future. Would the AMP’s RRP be better?

Separately, PRINCE2 and DSDM Atern are good, robust approaches for the management of all types of projects; together they are greater than the sum of their parts.

Is Agile Project Management the New PRINCE2?

An interesting post given my recent APMG Agile Project Management exams…

The alternative to failure “What would you have me do instead?” To the critic who decries a project as a worthless folly, something that didn’t work out, something that challenged the status quo and failed, the artist might ask, “Is it better to do nothing?” To the critic who hasn’t shipped, who hasn’t created his art, anything less than better-than-what-I -have-now appears to be a waste. To this critic, progress should only occur in leaps, in which a fully functioning, perfected new device/book/project/process/system appears and instantly and perfectly replaces the current model. We don’t need your sharp wit or enmity, please. Our culture needs your support instead. Each step by any (and every) one who ships moves us. It might show us what won’t work, it might advance the state of the art or it might merely encourage others to give it a try as well. To those who feel that they have no choice but to create, thank you.

Seth’s Blog: The alternative to failure - This really struck a chord with me…

When you realise that you have the power to change your beliefs and remove a limiting factor that has been constraining you, you have an “aha!” moment. You feel relieved and empowered.

My Story: Working Smarter; Not Harder - a good article. Looking forward to reading more from Susanne on her blog.

Great Project Leaders

  • So the 7 facets are:
  • Pragmatism – goal-oriented, focused and determined completion of tasks
  • Creativity – seeking novel solutions to old issues
  • Positive intolerance – taking tough decisions to get projects achieved
  • Stability – effective performance under pressure
  • Communication – clear and effective articulation of any issue to any audience
  • Motivation – of self an others in the project, especially when times get tough
  • Group orientation – collaborating with others to improve project outcomes
5 Immutable Principles - I wish I could stick this up on the wall in front of me so I could read it every day…

5 Immutable Principles - I wish I could stick this up on the wall in front of me so I could read it every day…